Monday, November 18, 2019

"Caritas" in Glubokoe Helped Children from Low-Income Families

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On August 28 the regular charitable action «To School with Smile» was successfully finished at Church of Holy Trinity in Glubokoe.

The parish dean father Nikolay Tikhonovich greeted those present and marked that independently of religion we must share with those who need our help and support.

Thanks to benevolence and sacrifice of all the parishioners from Glubokoe 45 low-income families from the Glubokoe parish received presents: school articles, shoes, clothes, sweets.

In the name of parents Olga Rabkovskaya mother of many children expressed their thanks: «Whole-heartedly I thank God, the responsive parishioners and volunteers of «Caritas». Now we can say with certainty, we go to school with smile».

Then the children and parents took part in the holy mass, during it the priest blessed pupils and consecrated school articles.

The volunteers of the parish «Caritas» visited the Grabkos’ family house in Petrunovo and the Vysotskys’ foster family in Glubokoe.

Danata Matushova, text

Karina Shpak, photo

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